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Diamond Drag Engraving Bit 90 degree 11/64x8



11/64 diameter 7 inches length 90 degree diamond bit for all engraving machines with a 11/64 collet.
Drag Engravers - Diamond tipped engraving tools. (Non-rotating drag engraver)
The standard Drag Engraver is ground to a 90 degree point and then lapped to a polish at the tip to provide a smooth finish.
This is a perfect bit for very fine narrow engraving and deeper engravings in Stainless steel.
Additional angles are 120 degree which is a general use bit which produces a wider engraving but not as deep as the 90 degree.
I only offer Made in USA engraving bits.
Time proven and the best in the market.
I have engraved with this brand for 5 years and stand by the bits 100%
There are Cheaper China made bits but trust me they are NO where near the quality of these American made diamonds. I will refund 100% of your purchase if these are not the BEST engraving bits you have ever engraved with.

$28.99 each