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The first question everyone asks is where we came up with Chewbarka. The name came from our Husky Shepard mix puppy, who chewed up and barked at everything. The first Star Wars movie was just released, which gave us the idea to call our furry puppy Chewbarka!

My family has been in the Tool and Die making trade producing fine precision jewelry items since 1960. One day, we purchased a pug and did what every family does - we went to the local pet store to purchase the supplies we would need. On the way out the door I noticed a flashy machine which claimed to engrave Pet ID tags. I inserted my $10.00 and the machine engraved a tag. After looking closer at the tag, I saw poor quality which would not last.

The next day I showed Fred Ricci the tag and he noticed the same thing. "How could anyone produce such a terrible product!" (along with a few choice Italian words). If we could make jewelry for Tiffany, BA Ballou and many more fine NY jewelers, I knew we could make a quality pet tag.

Chewbarka's Tags was started in 2003 and transitioned to the 3rd generation in 2019.

How it all started