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Extra Large Barrel Red

Extra Large Barrel Red

Product Specifications

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Size Extra Large
Color / Finish Red

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Width 1.88in (47.8mm) x Height 1.54in (39mm) x Thickness 0.05in (1.27mm) Chewbarka's Aluminum Tags are perfect for diamond drag, rotary engraving, pad printing, and laser etching. When laser engraving, the back shows a bright white surface to make your text or image shine without any bleed through! There are ZERO burrs or sharp edges on any of our products. Our tags are 80-90% recycled Alcoa anodized aluminum. All tags are 100% colored on all surfaces! There is zero raw aluminum showing. Color on all of the edges will make you standout amongst the rest! You will not see any grain marks like any other imported ID tag. There is 3-5 times the amount of anodized coating on Chewbarka's Tags vs. any imported ID tag. All our tags are hand anodized with a full sealed color coating. Our ID products are NOT stamped or lasered out of lightly dyed sheet stock. Our anodize seal coating is a separate value added process to bring the tags to full life. All Chewbarka's Tags are toy tested - Certified Lead Free. 100% Family Owned U.S.A. made business.