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Imperfect tags & plates Seconds


Sold by the pound!
We are almost SOLD OUT of this item!!!
The quantity purchased represents 1 Lb of tags
Anodized Aluminum for Laser, Diamond Drag, Stamping
Money clips, pet tags, business cards, GI dog tags

This collection of pet tags,& plates are from the years of material which we could not offer for sale because of imperfections.
 Instead of scrapping we are offering them by the pound which is about 120 tags.
They are great for setup pieces or even shelters looking to place a tag on rescue animals as required by law.
Imperfections include discoloration, rack marks, white spots & not the quality we would offer to customers as premium ID tags.
At $24.99 a lb you can't go wrong!

 Shipping is all calculated for the weight and we will do our best to make sure there is a nice selection included.

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