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Dyesub Holiday Tree








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Dimensions:  2" (51mm) x 2.3" (58.4mm) x.045 (1.14mm) thickness

 Both Sides are ready to be Sublimated!

  • Pure white printing surface
  • Tested and Proven to be Durable
  • Special Sublimation coating is applied to both sides
  • No Cracking on the Edges
  • Aluminum is the base metal
  • Call Frank @ 401-464-9911 if you have any questions
  • FREE SAMPLE!  send me your address.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

    For pressing a two sided image with one pressing......

    Print to transfer paper using two sided template for art layout. Press a total of 80 seconds at 360-375 degrees Fahrenheit with medium pressure. remove from press, let cool and remove transfer while slightly warm.

    For pressing a one sided image......

    Print to transfer paper using one sided transfer template for art layout. Lay product over transfer face up, and tape in place with transfer tape. Press product for 80 seconds with metal face down at 360-375 degrees Fahrenheit with medium pressure, transfer face up

    . Let cool, remove transfer and tape while still slightly warm.
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  • Example: 100  Barrels and 200 Circles will show the 300 piece price.
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