Color / Finish
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Gold
  5. Green
  6. Peach
  7. Pink
  8. Hot Pink
  9. Purple
  10. Orange
  11. Red
  12. Silver
  13. Light Blue
  14. Polished Rose Gold
  15. Polished Gold
  16. Polished Nickel
  17. Yellow
  18. White
  19. Tumble Finished Brass
  20. Tumble Finished
  21. Satin Finished
  22. Shiny
  23. Matte

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We manufacture anodized tags for our customers to engrave. Laser engraved metal equipment tags are the solution to your need for the permanent identification of pets, critical assets, inventory, and business products. 

100% USA made. We employ the latest manufacturing equipment available. We produce the highest quality tags for engraving companies.