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All In One Tag Engraving Machine

Specially programmed for many of the best selling Chewbarka's Tags


Price $4500.00

A unique, compact, self-contained engraving solution. Integrates perfectly into any store to create a new revenue stream.

TagCube is designed with your product line in mind - you choose what templates are created, how many lines of text, what fonts, logos. It's completely customized to meet your needs.

With its fast, picture-driven software, there is no training involved. And with our quality tested diamond tip needles, you are guaranteed outstanding engraving on every item. 



Why TagCube


TagCube is the height of compact engraving technology. TagCube engraves text or symbols onto items and gifts to create unique, personal gifts. Ideal for use on metals and plastics: lighters, pens, jewels, tags, phones…

With a footprint of just 8.86" x 10.63" (22.5 cm x 27 cm), this stand-alone engraving system includes a touch screen monitor and on-screen keyboard as well as housing at the back to store engraving accessories. With TagCube, there are no unsightly cable connections, no need for a PC, keyboard or mouse and no additional storage solutions required. Simply plugin, play and tidy away.


Why hide your technology? With its stylish, dark grey design, TagCube bears the hallmark of a renowned French designer. The machine engraves discreetly to help you bring engraving out of the workshop and into the shop. Position TagCube in the front of your shop outlet to ensure maximum impact and customer attention.



TagCube offers a new approach to engraving for both you and your customers. Guided by the easy to use TagCube software, achieve premium engraving results in just five easy steps. Your sales assistants will be able to engrave with TagCube after just 15 minutes training. Engraving preparation is simple; the engraving process, reliable. TagCube is designed to help you share the engraving moment, in full view of your customers and with their active participation.


TagCube offers immediate results for immediate customer satisfaction. No need to outsource your engraving orders. No need to postpone delivery until the items have been engraved.


TagCube provides an excellent return on investment. This affordable, turnkey solution will empower you to grow your business by offering high quality engraving service. TagCube pack includes everything you need to engrave with ease and success.

Engraving preparation simple; the engraving process, reliable.


TagCube – In-Store Engraving. Simplified.


About us

ProPen Retail and PersonalizationPro-Pen is a trademark of the Gravotech group, the leading international manufacturer of engraving and marking solutions for signage, personalization, identification and traceability applications.

For over 25 years, our technical teams, represented by Gravotech subsidiaries and distributors, have been installing and maintaining our equipment throughout the world.


The Pro-Pen trademark is specially designed for professional distribution. Pro-Pen solutions are reliable and easy-to-implement, dedicated to specific applications for carefully targeted markets.


Pro-Pen satisfies the demands of ISO 9001 version 2008 norm, which places the emphasis on customer satisfaction. Pro-Pen machines have always been engineered to respect user safety. To date, every product in the range meets CE and EMC norms.


Pro-Pen is a dynamic trademark that invests generously in Research and Development. The resulting solutions are innovative, designed to enable your equipment to keep pace with the changing needs of your business.

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