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Deaf Babe - "I'm deaf ♥ Not Dumb" - Dog & Cat ID Tag

A few years ago I adopted my first deaf dog, a double merle Austrialian Shepherd who barely escaped death. Her breeder was going to simply "putting her out of her misery." Luckily, a neighbor convinced him to forefit the pup instead.

I've been looking for a good dog tag to use for her, and there are some cute ones, but none that show the feminine side of the pup. I decided, if I can't find one.. I'll make one myself!

So, here's her tag, and I'm offering it to you in case you find yourself in the same delemia as I was, unable to find a pretty tag for your little deaf girl.

Each of our pet identity tags are designed and illustrated by artists from all over the globe, and printed with affection and care in the mountains of North Carolina. They are ultra-durable and are guaranteed to always be legible.

Price: $2.99