Why Chewbarka's tags?

The tags we offer are made to a higher standard than other tags available. Lower cost tags are made of a inferior low grade aluminum which is coated in a way to just add enough dye or coloring to cover the surface. As you know these tags do not last very long and are next to impossible to read after a very short period of time. The edges of these tags are not protected, you will see a bare or silver edge which is the exposed aluminum, this material is called Pre Anodized Aluminum. The coating is only .08 to .1 mils in coating, the tags we offer are .30 - .45 mil coating! The more coating the more durable the surface and the brighter the engravings.

 We could have easily followed the same process and kept the quality the same, but we elected to manufacture a much higher quality ID tag while keeping the pricing reasonable for our customer base. All our aluminum is manufactured in the USA by Alcoa from 80% recycled material and is aircraft grade 3005 alloy

 I truly Thank You for your support of Chewbarka Tags and USA made products
Frank Ricci
CEO Chewbarka tags